Grow Our Economy

We need to attract and keep more business in Connecticut to stabilize and grow the economy.  To encourage that growth we need to support businesses, small and large, by providing a strong talent base, functional and efficient infrastructure, and thriving urban centers.  I see a lot of potential in developing partnerships with state schools to train a strong workforce, improving our public transportation and highway system, and supporting smart growth in our cities that will generate revenue and make the state less dependent on communities like Greenwich.

Provide Quality Public Education

Every child deserves a quality education. Connecticut, particularly Fairfield County, has one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation. I support providing resources to communities struggling with large gaps.  I also want to support technical schools and training programs that will help develop our future workforce through expanding STEM curriculum and technical schools.  Also paramount is providing a safe and healthy learning environment for all students. From protecting the school lunch program to supporting capital projects that help to secure the safety of students, we can lay a strong foundation for the state's future through education.

Good Governance

My experience in town government and working on large-scale municipal projects has instilled in me the necessity for transparency and accountability at all levels of government. Faith in government has been lost and that contributes to population loss, loss of businesses, and less tourism.  The best way to restore that faith is to have a more open and accountable government.


Greenwich, like many of our peers, is an aging community and needs to adapt to support and protect our seniors.  I will support legislation that allows seniors to age in place, maintain their access to quality healthcare, and provide for more affordable prescription medications.  

Protect Our Environment

Connecticut is blessed with an abundance of natural resources that are part of the engine of the state's economy.  But the health of our environment faces enormous pressures from federal deregulation, lack of oversight, and past failures to protect it.  Most pressing is the climate crisis, which costs the state an ever-increasing fortune to address. I believe that we can work toward a more resilient and healthy environment without incurring debt through innovation and creative partnerships. One way to do that is by promoting a "green economy" that draws businesses offering environmental solutions to make their home in Connecticut.

Stronger Gun Safety

Connecticut leads the country in legislation promoting common-sense gun laws, but we can do better.  I am committed to the safety and security of our residents, particularly our children, and will support legislation that sets the standard for the nation.

Protect Voters' Rights

I support any legislation that makes it easier for Connecticut residents to exercise their right to vote and have a voice in shaping the future of this state.  From early voting to automatic registration, we can improve voter turnout and engagement.  As a beneficiary of the state's Citizen Election Program (CEP), I have seen firsthand the value of keeping special interest money out of our elections.  Our legislatures should be beholden only to their constituents and should spend their time legislating, not fundraising.

Gender Equity

Roe v. Wade and other protections for women are threatened by an increasingly conservative court system and legislation at the federal level.  State legislatures play an enormous role in protecting a woman's right to choose, pay equity, family leave, and women's health.  I support legislation that protects Connecticut women from the erosion of our rights and equal protection under the law.

Support gender equality, pay equity and a woman’s right to choose.