LETTER: Cheryl Moss Connects with People of Differing Opinions

Updated: Jan 19

Letter to the editor submitted by Iain Edmundson, Greenwich High School class of 2015, January 6, 2020, Greenwich Free Press

As a lifelong resident of Greenwich, I have spent the majority of my time involved in varying swim programs throughout the community, such as those at the YMCA and Greenwich High School. Over the years, I have gotten to know Cheryl Moss very well, having swum with all three of her children.

During my time knowing Cheryl, her commitment to the success of not only her children but also the programs and community members as a whole, has been incomparable.

From leading fundraising efforts to volunteering to help run competitions, Cheryl’s additional commitment was exceptional and vital to the successes of these programs.

However, as a lifelong citizen of Greenwich herself, Cheryl knows that this community’s commitment to each other transcends institutional boundaries; Cheryl time and again has shown her selfless and unabating commitment to our community’s values.

This assistance has taken countless forms, such as cooking meals for a family who had lost a loved one, housing kids when both parents were away for work and taking on additional responsibilities when others were incapacitated due to their health.

Through it all, I have been stunned by her ability to handle conflict with grace and, in the process, connect with people who have different opinions.

Despite Cheryl’s strong conviction for her well-developed beliefs and values, her uncompromising commitment to cultivating a unified and prosperous community has enabled her to develop into an incredible negotiator and trustworthy leader.

At a time when our political system seems to be at an impasse, Cheryl Moss is the clear choice for the State Representative of Connecticut’s 151st District.


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