Why I’m running in Greenwich’s Dist. 151

Cheryl Trepp Moss, Greenwich Time, December 20, 2019

Dear Greenwich neighbors,

I’m running for state representative in the 151st District.

I love our town and our state, and we need someone in Hartford to represent Greenwich who is willing to do the hard work required in a tough time. You may already know me as the person behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. Although happy in that role, it is time to roll up my sleeves and take that energy to Hartford.

My family has had businesses in Greenwich for nearly a century. My grandfather owned Trepp’s Flowers on the Avenue and my Dad, Mickey Trepp, was a dentist in town beginning in the 1950s. My brother, Doug Trepp, is a dentist in town today, and my mom, Judy, has volunteered at the Greenwich Hospital gift shop for more than 40,000 hours!

Growing up in Greenwich, the youngest of six kids, I learned how to fight for attention and also how to get along with others. I’ll take that spirit to Hartford to change how our state is run. Working together, regardless of party affiliation, is the only way we’ll fix our state and move forward. After graduating from Greenwich High School, I received a bachelor of arts degree in economics at Bucknell. I’ve worked in banking and environmental consulting. From there I moved to London with my husband and ran a profitable recycling program for 250,000 residents.

I returned to our great town to raise our three sons, who all graduated from Greenwich High School. I started my photography business more than 15 years ago while being heavily involved in volunteering for the boys’ school and sports programs. During their time at Greenwich High School, I managed the water polo and swimming programs for many of those years, as well as organized extensive travel for the Greenwich Water Polo team. I forged partnerships with local businesses to help our teams and promote their businesses.

I’m no stranger to politics. In 2017 I successfully ran for the Representative Town Meeting and became the delegate for Public Works. In January 2018, I became vice chair of the district and was unanimously elected as chair in December 2019.

What do I stand for?

Economic growth: When I’m in Hartford, I’ll make sure they stop treating Greenwich like their personal piggy bank. My top priority is growing the economy by bringing more jobs to Connecticut. I support local and small businesses and promote thriving downtown districts to attract a younger generation.

Environment: Clean energy, protecting our coastline, rivers and air are top priorities. By greening our economy with renewables, Connecticut can be at the forefront of attracting green industries. Like the tech boom, the green boom is coming and Connecticut can capitalize on it by protecting our natural resources and supporting plans that prepare us for climate change. Connecticut has an opportunity to lead the nation with effective environmental incentives.

Seniors: We must support programs that allow seniors to age in place and maintain their access to healthcare and low cost prescription medications.

Health and safety: We need to address the opioid epidemic that is ravaging our state and help implement preventative measures. We need effective laws to keep our residents safe from gun violence and ensure our children’s safety in and out of school.

Quality public education: Every child deserves a quality education from pre-school through high school. I will support students of all ability levels to narrow the achievement gap, expanding STEM programs and provide a safe learning environment for all students.

I love this town. The friendships I have forged with parents, community leaders and small businesses has deepened my understanding of the needs of our community. My ability to collaborate effectively with people of differing opinions will serve me well in Hartford. I ask for your support. Please vote for me for state representative in the 151st district on Jan. 21.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Democrat Cheryl Trepp Moss is running for state representative in the 151st district.

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